For many of us who take pride in our landscaping, wintertime can be downright disappointing. All of the work that we put in from Spring till Autumn is invisible until the snow and ice melt away. You can avoid that disappointment by planting for winter. While you won’t see any midwinter blooms in your backyard, there are some plants that look amazing in the snow and light of winter.

A tree is more than its leaves. While deciduous trees will lose their leaves every winter, some have beautiful bark beneath. Dogwood, and birch trees have gorgeous texture and colour, making your winter landscaping stand out.

Did you know that crabapple trees hold their smaller apples for quite a while after the cold hits? That pop of colour will really stand out in your landscaping. Not an apple person? A holly with berries can do the same for you!

Evergreens, despite their names, come in a wide range of colours, from yellow to blue, and of course, green. They’re amazing to add to any landscape as they provide a focal point all year round.

Consider thinking beyond the plant. Take a look at your landscape and figure out where it might be missing focal points. These spaces may not benefit from a shrub, tree, or flower bed. It might be best served with a bench, a pergola, or an archway. Remember, a great landscape is a sum of its parts.

Do you have questions about upgrading your landscape for four-season beauty? We’d love to help you. Reach out today!