There are few things nicer than a well-maintained lawn. Full, lush green grass, void of brown spots and weeds can be a point of pride for many. What do you do if your lawn doesn’t look like that dream, and you’ve already tried everything you can? Here in our inaugural blog post, we’d like to let you know how to tell if your lawn needs to be replaced.

Dirt Spots

If you see dirt spots in your lawn, it is obviously due to no grass growing there. While reseeding may be an option, if you have too many dirt spots, a lawn replacement will likely be your better option.

Lawn Disease

While there are a multitude of lawn diseases, the thing they all have in common is that while they are preventable, they are not curable. If you’re noticing lawn disease in your yard, it’s a sure sign that a lawn replacement will be the best course of action.


Weeds are a sign of weak grass, and the more that weeds take over, the weaker your grass will become. A lawn replacement will choke out weeds, making your lawn vibrant and strong.

The Wrong Grass

This might sound strange, but you may just have the wrong kind of grass in your yard. If your yard doesn’t get much sun and the grass is struggling to grow strong, replacing it with a shade-tolerant type of grass, like Ryegrass can help your lawn look amazing.

Water Everywhere

Poor drainage can lead to a bad-looking lawn. By aerating, and then replacing the lawn, you can restore your lawn, and help it look amazing!

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