With summer winding down, our minds will soon turn to getting ready for winter. With each change of season, there is a list of things we can and should do to make sure that our lawns and gardens make it through till spring. Check out our top fall landscaping tips!

One cause of pooling water in your yard is compacted soil. Take the time to aerate your lawn. If you have a smaller lawn, a garden fork can do the job, but for bigger lawns, you may want to look into renting a walk-behind aerator to make the work quicker and easier.

Did you know that grass can keep growing in temperatures as low as 4 degrees celsius? By taking time to fertilize grass now, it encourages the roots, meaning that you get a greener lawn sooner in the spring.

As the weather cools and we get closer to snow, take a final pass over your lawn with your mower. Shorter grass means that disease has a harder time taking hold. Add in that blowing leaves have nothing to latch on to and don’t gather on your lawn, and you’ve got another bonus.

Give new shrubs a headstart by planting them in the fall. New shrubs can take this time to establish their roots in the cool moist autumn soil meaning that when spring rolls around, they’ll be ahead of the game.

Do you have more questions about what landscaping to take care of this fall? Reach out! We’d love to hear from you!