The onset of autumn, leading into winter, means that a lot of landscaping has to stop. One thing that can still be done in colder weather is concrete. Are you considering a new walkway, or maybe a seating area with a concrete base this fall? Here’s what we can do to help.

Ice forming on our walkways is one of winter’s most dangerous things. Slipping and falling on hard concrete has the potential to cause many injuries, so to ensure our safety we salt our walkways to melt the ice. The thing we run into is salt can damage concrete, so we recommend Calcium Chloride for melting, and plain old sand for traction to help protect the integrity of your concrete.

You may not have ever heard the term concrete spalling, but you have definitely seen it. Finished concrete is often porous, meaning that it can absorb some rainwater. If concrete isn’t cured properly before it’s laid, the water absorbed can expand and contract during the freeze and thaw cycle, which then pushes up the top layer of concrete, causing pieces to flake off.

By working with Rietzel Landscaping to lay concrete, and by avoiding using salt on your concrete walkways you can help keep your walkways looking amazing for years to come. Do you have questions about laying concrete in cold weather? Reach out! We’d love to talk!